Are you a Dangerous Leader? Or, are you a DANGEROUS LEADER?

  1. Make a pact with God to meet with Him daily.  The Lord is worthy of our lives, therefore, we give ourselves to Him every day.  
  2. More excited about building His Kingdom rather than our kingdom.  Our kingdom is going to come and go, but His Kingdom is eternal.
  3. More excited about strengthening our character rather than strengthening our name.  Are we building strong relationships with men?  Are we open to rebuke?  Do we have soft hearts for the Lord?  Are we excited about God’s Word?  The hours of our day, and the passions of our soul are going to drive toward these types of questions.  Or, are we on the fast track to mediocrity?  
  4. Expecting hardship.  We aren’t surprised by circumstantial changes.  We roll with the punches.  Tons of people can get excited for a season, but length of time is what makes you dangerous.  Titus 2 calls older men to perseverance.  
  5. Committed to building into others and producing other Dangerous Leaders.  This is what makes you dangerous.  There is multiplication.  
  6. You love repentance.  You love confessing your sin.  You are in awe of the cross.  This is what makes you the most dangerous, because you can’t believe that God would love someone who is layered in as much death and destruction as you are.  
  7. You rejoice in God’s grace in the life of others.  You don’t give into competitive attitude.  You aren’t trying to beat out the guy next to you.  You are learning about your gifts and talents that the Lord has uniquely given to you and you are doubling down on those gifts and talents.  It is easy to become critical of others, but instead you are going to be an encourager of others.  
  8. You celebrate little things.  Life is hard.  There are going to be tons of misses.  If we are going to aim for dangerous leadership then we are going to run hard, and the best medicine for running hard is celebrating little things.  
  9. You love rest.  The Sabbath is ultimately in the cross, but you love the idea of everything not resting on your shoulders.  You know how to turn it off.  You know how to nap.  You know how to walk with peace.  You know how to be still and know that the Lord is the Lord.  
  10. You don’t get swept up in the latest fads.  The cross is the coolest thing ever.  A new pastor, a new book, a new -ism, a new-est is just going to come and go, but you are going to always be in awe of the cross.  
  11. You value people skills.  You are learning how to talk to people, all types of people, and when people leave their time with you they are thinking to themselves, “I want to go read the Bible, I want to share the gospel, I want to be a better husband.”