Jesus came to bring forgiveness. Most of us wonder why we even need forgiveness. What did we do wrong?

It seems we struggle with this because we have become too familiar with the spiritual state of this world and we have been living our lives according to myths. Here are some of the myths below:

Ignore God: Many times we think of God as dead, uninvolved, or uncaring so we end up living our life completely separate from God. This often leads to feelings of isolation, abandonment, and overwhelmed by the responsibility.

Circumstances: Many times the value of our lives are measured by how much we accomplish. Our culture has created a race of marriage, career, children, finances, and social status and depending on how well we are doing in the races determines the quality of our life. It is often times impossible to win in all these races.

Health / Fitness: Sometimes we reduce the value of our life to our health and fitness. We will spend hours a day in the gym, thousands of dollars on cosmetics, fashion, and salons. When we feel good about our bodies we feel good about our life.

When we live according to these myths it is exhausting and it leads us to look at the present condition of the world and think, “I don’t want to know a God that creates a world like this” and we forget Genesis 1 teaches us this isn’t the world He intended us to live in. He created us to be eternal and live without pain. Instead of embracing that world we rejected it and that is why we need forgiveness. We rejected what was best for us and instead chose pain and death and that is the world we live in today.

This is why God entered into human history and took the pain and death upon himself at the cross to forgive us through His blood so we might live with Him for eternity and without pain.

Who is this God?

His name is Jesus. He didn’t come to be a good teacher, good person, or a good prophet, but He came to do what no one else could do. He lived a perfect life and willingly laid down His life on the cross for our death and our pain.

How do we experience this forgiveness?

We simply need to believe that when Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead that He died and rose for each of us. He experienced the death and pain that we deserved and we can either trust that Jesus experienced it or we will experience that death and pain for eternity.

What changes?

We no longer live for those myths and separated from God, but live out the life God expected us to live from the very beginning. It doesn’t start when we get to heaven. It starts now!

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