What is the gospel?

In Genesis 3:15 it tells us a seed is coming in the future, a seed that will crush Satan on his head. That is a foreshadowing of what is ultimately accomplished in Jesus’ work on the cross. That is in Genesis 3. Galatians 3 teaches us that seed is Jesus Christ who enters into human history to save us from Satan, sin, and death and Genesis teaches us Adam responded in disobedience but 1 Corinthians 15 refers to Jesus as the second Adam, and the second Adam responds in obedience.

In Matthew and Luke in the New Testament it teaches us that just as Satan came and tempted Adam that he also came and tempted Jesus with food, glory, power and he tells Jesus that God the Father is trying to hold out, trying to keep Him from knowing true glory, but this time, Jesus doesn’t eat from the tree, doesn’t respond in disobedience, but willingly gives Himself over as a sacrifice, what Scripture describes as a substitute on our behalf and all of God’s wrath toward sin, towards our sin, is taken out on Jesus as a substitute. He stands in our place and He takes all of our sin and as Jesus is dying on the cross and takes His last breath He says, “It is finished!” Do you know why? It is done. We simply need to run to Him and through faith our sin is accounted.

Three days later He rose from the dead, He overcame sin, He overcame death, and He ascended back into heaven and Scriptures teach us one day He will come again.

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