Spiritually Dead

Not really a popular topic in our culture today. However, if you turn to Ephesians 2 verse 1 it simply reads.

1 And you were dead in your trespasses and sins,

Not a verse that you will find on a lot of Hallmark Cards around this Mother’s Day, but in verse 1 we see the pronoun “you” and in verse 3 we see the pronoun “we” so when it says we are spiritually dead it is talking about all people. It isn’t the bad people, the criminals, the dangerous, the teenagers of the world, or the really bad people who don’t recycle. It describes all people and it describes our spiritual condition before God as being dead.

Now I know some are thinking, “I don’t feel dead. I got up this morning, got dressed, got in my car, and got a cup of coffee.” Dead people don’t drink coffee.

We may be physically alive, but all of humanity is spiritually dead. Just like we can be physically alive, but we are blind, dead, or have a broken arm. Scripture teaches that our spiritual soul is broken and separated from God.

The good news is that God didn’t create it this way. God created us to be spiritually alive and connected to Him in a loving relationship, however, humanity rejected that relationship and in Genesis 3 we see sin enter into humanity. That is why verse 1 says we are dead in our sins.

Sometimes we see sin as just the bad things like hurting people, stealing, lying, or watching the television show Glee (seriously, I don’t get it). However, sin isn’t only doing, thinking or watching the wrong things, but also not doing and thinking the right things. It is called sins of omission and commission. Sins of commission are when we do and think the wrong things and sins of omission are when we don’t do and think the right things.

For some of us these thoughts and deeds are in open rebellion and it is obvious to see their rebellion a mile off and we try to avoid these people and others of us do this in an inner defiance and it is harder to see, but nevertheless, we are all spiritually dead.

I remember when I was 18 years old and my friend would talk to me about Jesus being my Savior. It was annoying. Why would I need Jesus to be my savior? See I thought I was doing fine. I thought I was basically a good guy. I thought if God wasn’t going to let me into heaven because I didn’t go to church every once in awhile and made a few mistakes, then I probably didn’t want to go to heaven. I didn’t want God as my king, my provider, and my comforter because I thought everything was okay.

What do you think? When you look at your life do you see yourself as someone who runs to God or away from God?

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