Saved From What?

Our culture today will ask, “Saved from what?” Saved from my huge house, my luxury car with heated seats, my vacations on the beach, my education, my wealth, what could we possibly need to be saved from?

All of us need to be saved from our broken and exhausted souls that are constantly looking for relief. Broken souls that are constantly unsatisfied, constantly trying to fill our stomachs and exhausted because we never find satisfaction that lasts. At best they are merely moments of relief.

We are all like the woman in John 4 that keeps going to the well of relationships and coming up empty because the satisfaction never lasts. Some of us turn to relationships, some turn to medications, some entertainment, alcohol, some turn inward to their self looking for momentary relief and we are exhausted because it never lasts. The relationship never satisfies, the vacation never lasts long enough, the alcohol wears off, the new home becomes old and we live in a culture that jumps from momentary relief to momentary relief. This is what we need to be saved from.

That is why Jesus says, “Come to me and I will give you rest.” That is why He says, “Whoever drinks of me will never thirst again.” Our salvation in Jesus isn’t only future and eternal, but also present and He will provide a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Maybe you are sitting here this morning and wondering, “What do I need to do. How does that happen?” Verse 8 tells us it is simply through faith.

I remember when I first met Jesus I had a friend that would talk to me about Jesus all the time to the point it was annoying and through a lot of conversations I asked him, “What do I need to do?” He said he didn’t know, but that we should go talk to this pastor so I broke down and finally went to church and after the service I went up to the pastor and asked him what do I need to do be a Christian and he said, “It’s already been done.” I was a little confused and he said there wasn’t anything to do because it has already been done. Jesus did it at the cross and now it is simply faith. We aren’t saved by what we do, but by faith in Jesus’ work on the cross.

Some at this point will push back and say, “But I am not a person of faith.” That is a lie. We are all people of faith. We place our faith in science, our faith in finances, our faith in ourselves and we are constantly living by faith. When we go out to eat we are trusting the person who cooked our food. When we drink a coke we are trusting what’s in the can. When we turn on the faucet we are trusting the water. When we take our kids to school we are trusting the teachers. When we drive down Mo-Pac we are trusting other drivers won’t collide into us. We are constantly living by faith.

When we place our faith in Christ our faith is no longer trusting in those other things, but we are trusting that when Jesus died He died in our place and that we went from spiritually dead to made alive in Christ.

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