1 Thessalonians 1:1-10, “The Gospel.” Part 1

Think to yourself, “Do you know the message of the gospel?” 

Jesus is God in the flesh, lays down His life at the cross to take our sin, conquers death in the resurrection, so that all who trust in Him might be eternally forgiven. 

This is the message of the gospel.  This is so important, because there are groups of people in our culture today that are using the word “gospel” but their message of the gospel isn’t the same as Paul’s message of the gospel. 

When you look on the news and you see the name of Jesus next to a Confederate Flag then you can safely conclude that message isn’t the same as Paul’s message.  Same words, different meanings. 

Illustration:  One time I was talking to someone about a church in Minnesota that is fighting the city to be a “White’s Only Church?”  I said, “What?  That’s not possible.” 

But, if you dig a little deeper you will find out this group is a cult out of Scandinavia that has nothing to do with God’s Word, but they are meeting in a building that looks like a church. Same words, different meanings.

Even in our city, there are gatherings of people on Sunday morning who sing songs that sound like songs that we sing, they might use words we use, and they might call themselves a church, but when you talk about what those words mean you will find that it’s not the same message being presented in 1 Thessalonians, so that we must know the message of the gospel. 

That’s why we want you to hold God’s Word in your hand.  That’s why we study through God’s Word in our Community Groups, because it is imperative that we are hearing and responding to the same message / gospel that the Thessalonians responded to 2,000 years ago.