We Need to See People Face to Face

Eventually Paul will write 2 Thessalonians to clear up some false teaching, but first Paul sends a person, he sends Timothy, because we need people in our life who are coming face to face with one another. 

Zoom is a great tool, FB Live is a great tool, but lets not pretend that it’s the same.  Oh, what a difference it makes to gather with like-minded men and women face to face. See 1 Thessalonians 3:10.

It makes a difference when we see each other on Sunday morning.  It makes a difference to be in one another’s presence in our Community Group. 

I know many of us have pulled back our relational network because of Covid-19, and I understand we need to be careful with Covid-19, but we can’t become so careful with Covid-19 that we overlook the need we have for safe, in person, connection with people. 

In chapter 2 we see Paul wanted to be with the Thessalonians in person.  Paul describes the absence of being in person as “orphaned” because he didn’t want to rely on letters, but wanted to be in person, and I want to be gentle, because I know everyone is navigating this season the best we can, but please don’t overlook the need we have for face-to-face contact with people.   

What if we took these verses as an opportunity to re-evaluate our current strategy with Covid-19, and consider, “Is there any way possible to get in person contact with God’s people?”

What if we asked, “Are we asking the Lord to help us think creatively?  Are we stretching ourselves outside our comfort zones, so that we might make safe movement toward being with people in person?”

Perhaps nothing changes in our approach toward Covid-19, and we will continue to navigate this season the best we can, but what if the Lord different ways to see God’s people face to face, so that we might be encouraged and strengthened in our faith?