Austin City Limits

In October Austin will host one of the largest music festivals in the country. This year will have well known musicians like Pearl Jam, Beastie Boys, Dave Matthews Band, and up and coming artists like Flogging Molly, Phoenix, and Black Joe Lewis.

This is a musical festival that stretches over a three day period and as I consider the opportunity God has given us as a church it challenges me to consider how we should be involved in the festival. In the past the collective church would have shunned it and created a wave of guilt over people who participated. Labeling them as pagans, wretched, or even lost souls. Today the church might not go as extreme and will either be indifferent to the festival or maybe pass out water bottles with their church logo, however, I am not sure that is sufficient either. What role should the church play, if any?

The festival is a success because God has created and wired us to enjoy music. There is a reason it excites us, causes us to ponder, and moves us on a variety of levels; and the gospel allows us to approach anything under the sun and seek out its redemption. How can it be redeemed? Is it merely changing our perspective toward the concert? I still need to reflect on this, but until then I got tickets for the concert this year!

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