Why Start A New Church?

Well, it isn’t just to have another church. There are plenty of churches, but our thought was that when Jesus spoke creation into existence and then stepped out of the heavenly realms and entered into human history that perhaps he intended more for us then just showing up on Sundays at 10:30 am.

Okay, there is a little sarcasm with that, but it does seem that we were created, called, and equipped for more than what we experience today within the local church. As a result it has left us lacking in what we anticipated in our relationship with Jesus. Some will conclude that Jesus is irrelevant, or simply that He doesn’t “work.”

It seems the scriptures describe our faith as something that was to be experienced throughout the week, not merely on Sunday. The scriptures describe the Christ follower as “royal priesthood”. What does it look like to be a priest to our community? Our workplace? Our hobbies? Our neighbors? I imagine it is different for all of us in different contexts to some degree, but that is our hope of starting a new church. For all those who place their faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ to experience their faith throughout week and as a result experience the excitement of John 4 when Jesus describes a relationship with Him as “living water” and who ever drinks of Him will never thirst again.

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