What if the church benefited culture?

Sometimes culture seems so abstract it is difficult to determine the best way for the church to benefit culture. To help make that process easier many people have identified 7 domains of culture. These are typically the primary influences of the culture. Below is a list of the 7 domains and our challenge is to identify how the church could benefit the culture collectively and individually.

1. Recreation
2. Education
3. Technology
4. Media / News
5. Arts / Music
6. Economics / Finance
7. Government / Politics

The challenge for the church to benefit culture starts with the individual responding to the challenge of benefiting culture. Taking the time to examine each of the seven domains and taking the personal responsibility to benefit the culture. It might feel overwhelming and challenging, but until it happens at the individual level it won’t happen at the collective level. It is when it happens at the individual level that it will make our collective time together stronger and more effective.

Below is a practical example of how it could happen at the individual level:

Economics: Without the gospel capitalism can become something that leads to greed and the over accumulation of wealth, however, through the gospel the church can be salt and light and take the finances that can be made through capitalism and fund orphanages, food programs, help a neighbor make a mortgage payment, and even help start a company in 3rd world countries through micro-loans (www.kiva.org).

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