Reflection: Hand of God!

Things move pretty fast when starting a new church and if you blink you might miss it. It is easy to overlook the hand of God that is continually providing and moving and I wanted to take a moment reflect on how God has provided for us over the last 4 months.

* 15 people begin to meet in our house to take ownership of the vision
* Hosting a neighborhood gathering with 5 couples

* Hosted Austin Dog Fair
* Hosted a team of 10 out of town people helping us with Austin Dog Fair
* Friend in California donated $10,000 to our start up costs
* Added 2 more to our core team

* Saw a person pray to receive Christ
* Found a weekly meeting space for under $300 a week
* Started another neighborhood gathering
* Added 2 more to our core team

* Participated in a community event and painted over 250 faces
* Added 2 more to our core team
* Transition to Sunday morning

Those are a few I could remember…will have to add more as I remember because it is so easy to forget. If anyone can add to the list please do!

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