First Sunday Practice Gathering

NVC First GatheringThis last Sunday we gathered our core team to dream, pray, and cry out to Jesus to move in us and through us. It was pretty powerful. We spent the first 20 minutes in worship and simply praising Jesus because of His work on the cross. It is His work alone that allows us to gather as a transformed people.

After sharing our dreams and expectations with one another we then spent some time in scripture looking at John 15. Jesus admonished the disciples of the necessity to abide in Him. As we reflected, we concluded that unless we are abiding in Him it is impossible for our dreams and expectations to become a reality. Even if it did become a reality and we neglected to abide in Him then our efforts wouldn’t last and would quickly fade.

We ended our time by revolving between a variety of prayer stations set up around the room. We prayed for the community, the worship, gospel, teaching, children, school, finances, and spiritual transformation. Overall it was a really powerful experience.

Our next gathering is in July!

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