I was reading a quote by John Wesley:

“Wherever true Christianity spreads, it must cause diligence and frugality, which, in the natural course of things, must beget riches! And riches naturally beget pride…Now if there were no way to prevent this, Christianity is inconsistent with itself and cannot continue long among any people; since, wherever it generally prevails, it saps it owns foundation.”

Interesting quote to consider that wherever the gospel spreads it brings about spiritual transformation and ultimately financial prosperity. However, when the blessing of financial prosperity comes it will, in general, result in pride and ultimately lead us away from a greater devotion and dependency as a Christ-follower.

2 thoughts on “Materialism

  1. jenny sims

    That’s a FASCINATING quote. Thank you for sharing it.

    No doubt that pattern has contributed to the prevalence of the prosperity gospel idea– we attempt to justify our idolatry of riches and self-sufficiency by calling them “blessings”– thereby ignoring Jesus’ insistence that we CANNOT serve both God and Mammon. (We stop short of handing those blessings back to God, enacting social justice, etc. And I am just as guilty as the next guy.)

    Enjoying your blog; came across it after getting your NVC Easter services mailing.


  2. Michael Dennis Post author

    Thanks Jenny.

    It seems the sacrifice and serve is often left out of Christianity. I don’t have it down by any means but want to strive to reflect the Christ we see in Scripture.

    Are you connected to a local church in Austin?


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