Why the Bible?

We live in a time where the Bible is seen as speculation and at best a suggestion to consider. We are skeptical, we doubt, we wrestle and often times the Bible can be intimidating. At the least it is literature that has been widely read and considered by many to be the word of God. Yes, it was written by human authors, but there was a supernatural presence that created a supernatural message that in the end communicates one central message.

There are 66 different books, 40 different authors from a variety of backgrounds, 3 different language, on 3 different continents, written over a period of 1,500 years and communicates one central message: there is a creator, he is loving, there is pain and guilt, and that pain has been removed through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In the end, when we read the Bible perhaps our first response shouldn’t be for it to conform to our thinking, but perhaps we should be open to what it is teaching. Not what others say, not what denominations hold to, but ask what is it teaching, what is the message? Maybe our source of reason and logic shouldn’t be the standard to measure validity? Maybe the peace we seek in life doesn’t come from within us but has come outside of us through a supernatural manuscript that has been supernaturally preserved throughout history. Does that make me mystical? Perhaps, but if there is a God or a creator, then how is he communicating with us? Because the very reason he created has a connotation of being personal and loving, therefore, there must be some type of communication. Maybe the Bible is a more clearer message that he has made known to all of humanity?

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