Day 25, Spiritual Journey

Are We Listening?

God communicated with His people in the Old and New Testaments through dreams, prophets, angels, and an audible voice. But what must He do to make us listen? God offers His Word to communicate His will and allows the Holy Spirit to speak to our hearts. God also sends others to bless and direct us. Even in our disappointments, God communicates that our failure today can be made a success tomorrow (Romans 8:28).

As a Christ-follower we can know that in every situation God will speak to us for the following reasons:

To guide (Psalm 48:14),
To comfort (John 14:16),
To protect (Genesis 19:17-26),
To teach obedience (Joshua 6:18-19),
To express His unfailing love to us (John 16:27).

Do not allow the incessant noises of life to drown out His voice. When we fail to hear His gentle whisper, He has other effective ways of getting our attention. Are you listening? What noises have been consuming your thoughts?

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