What is communion? (part 2)

The second one is to know that communion is material.

How fitting that before Jesus offered His life on the cross for our shame and guilt that He sat down and gathered with the disciples to celebrate a meal with them called the Passover which started in Exodus when they took the blood of the lamb and placed it on the door posts, the right, left and top and all those who were covered by the blood of the lamb escaped death.

It was at the Passover meal, a meal the disciples had celebrated every year that Jesus sat down and describes Himself as the final lamb, the ultimate sacrifice, and soon His body and blood would be broken and poured out on their behalf so that today who ever is covered by the blood of the lamb escapes eternal death and it will Passover them.

When we come to celebrate we can be confident that because of Jesus’ physical sacrifice on the cross we are in perfect harmony with God because God’s wrath isn’t taken out on a lamb that needs to be sacrificed every year, but on Jesus and it was completely satisfied. Communion is material.

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