What is communion? (part 3)

The third one is to know that communion is individual.

As we enter into this celebration there is a picture of spiritual nourishment that takes place as we grow in the truth of the gospel because what Jesus accomplished at the cross is beautiful. The gospel is like a diamond and the more we turn it, the more we look at it, the more we study it, the more beautiful it becomes.

Might we never get tired of growing more infatuated with the gospel and that it would continue to stir in us more joy, peace, and love for Jesus and one another.

Some will look at what we do and reduce it to being religious, however, religion operates on the principles of “I obey God, therefore, I am accepted by God.” Right? However the gospel displays “I am accepted by God through the work of Jesus-therefore I love Him and I obey.” You see the difference?

Some will teach we need to be better spouses, better people, better neighbors, better workers, better students, better parents, therefore do this list of things and God will help you, however, the gospel teaches us through faith in Jesus we have been accepted, therefore, continue to fall in love with Jesus and He will bring about obedience.

I know there are parts in us that get nervous when we hear that because we think if we don’t tell people what to do they will do whatever they want and go crazy. We can’t give that kind of grace! I know. That is why they call it amazing grace. What if instead of telling people what to do we call one another to come to Jesus and fall hopelessly in love with Him. That is what we are celebrating.

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