If you should find yourself in the midst of a trial…

Here are couple of things we have been chewing on as we enter into our sixth week of a church. Most of the lessons come out of the book of James, a series that we are working through called “Work In Progress.” Some of the lessons are from practical experience:

First: Choose to persevere instead of avoid. My first response is always to avoid, however, scripture teaches us to persevere. Take it one day at a time, push through, don’t quit, and persevere.

Second: Choose wisdom over knowledge. Knowledge always leads us to avoid trials, but Jesus is sovereign, in control and allowing this trial so choose wisdom and lean into Him.

Third: Chose dependence over independence. Instead of going at it alone ask for help. Help from others, but also help from Jesus in prayer, journal, meditation, reflection and resist the temptation to go at it alone.

Fourth: Approach the trial with victory instead of defeat. We wilt so easily in the midst of trial and instead we need to be strong because we have the Holy Spirit in us empowering us through this trial.

Fifth: Saturate our heart and mind in scripture and in truth. In the midst of a trial we are an emotional roller coaster and it is the stability of scripture that will sustain us as we lean into Jesus and draw closer to Him.

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