How to avoid hypocrisy?

Scriptures teach us we simply need to listen and do. Listen and do what? Listen and do what the scriptures are teaching. Below are some simple questions to ask ourselves if we hope to avoid hypocrisy.

Is my heart receptive to what the scriptures are teaching me personally? Sometimes are hearts can become spiritually callous toward scripture and as a result there is a lack of receptivity. If this is neglected over time we will drift toward hypocrisy.

Is my attitude toward scripture reflective? When I look at scripture do I take the time to sit and stay as I reflect upon scripture or do I just look and leave? We need to build our spiritual muscles to sit and stay as we reflect over scripture.

Is there a pattern of repetition? Scripture is intended to nourish us and yet sometimes we tends to have a lack of consistency.

When we take the time to be receptive, reflective, and repetition then our hearts and minds will be soaked in truth and we can experience spiritual freedom that drifts toward transformation instead of hypocrisy.

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