One of our goals as a church is that we would be a people who Connect With Others. To help us accomplish this goal we created little cards to challenge and encourage one another.

3 People To Pray For: The first number is 3 and we thought if as a church we were all taking the initiative to pray for 3 people that would be a really powerful experience for our church. It can be a neighbor, it can be a co-worker, a family member, but somebody that you are going to go to battle for spiritually. You notice it doesn’t say when or how often you are going to pray for those people, but it’s our desire that this would be something you keep in your Bible, your purse, your wallet, tape it on your steering wheel as a reminder to pray for others.

2 People To Serve: The second number is 2 and we thought if we all had 2 people we were looking to serve as we go throughout the week that would be a really powerful experience for our church. What does it look like to serve 2 people? It isn’t necessarily doing random like leaving cookies or mowing someone’s yard, which is good, but more so getting to know 2 people in such a way that you find out how you can serve them specifically. As you get to know them you might find out they need some cookies, they need their yard mowed, but we have to get to know them. This might sound scary for some of us, but anyone can do this! If you think you don’t know anyone, then take this week to pray about and see who Jesus brings to the surface. Maybe it starts with learning their name, maybe they are someone you have known for a long time.

1 Person To Have Spiritual Conversations: The third number is 1 and we thought if we all had 1 person that we were looking to have spiritual conversations with that would be a really powerful experience for our church. A spiritual conversation can be something really simple, maybe it starts with saying, “God bless you.” You are going to be the one who initiates those conversations so it goes at your pace as Jesus leads you and gives you these opportunities.

Here is what is great about this is that when we say “connecting with others” we have to remember there are 1.5 million people in the city, 200,000 people around in a 2-mile radius of north central Austin and it is a little overwhelming, but when we talk about picking 2-3 people we can slowly start to see something really exciting.

Plus every time I think about this strategy I want to start singing, “Earth below us, twisting falling…”

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