Jesus is like a good glass of wine

Stay with me now. When I first started drinking wine I started off with Oak Leaf from Wal-mart. It is $3.00 a bottle. It was convenient, it was cheap, and it tasted okay. It had become familiar and comfortable over time. When we were with friends they would always talk about wine like it was so exciting and my wife and I would just nod in agreement. We didn’t get it. What was so exciting? It was just wine.

Then one day a friend gave me a bottle of Silver Oak. If you have never had a bottle of Silver Oak it is amazing. It was smooth, bold, and full of flavor and scents and it exposed me to taste buds that I didn’t know existed, and now I know what it is like to have a really good glass of wine. Now when my friends talk about wine…I know, I have tasted and I have seen that it is good.

Sometimes our relationship with Jesus is like a really good glass of wine. If we haven’t experienced then we aren’t sure what people are so excited about. We will sit in circles with our friends and hear about their excitement, but unless we have tasted it and experienced it then we will wonder why they are so excited.

At our church, North Village Church, we are going to enter into a 35-day spiritual journey so that we might waken new taste buds in our relationship with Jesus. We want to peak into the heart of Jesus, open our eyes, our desires, so that we can experience a new layer or understanding of Jesus.

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