We live in a busy world…

Most of us ignore taking a day of rest and instead go 100mph, 7 days a week and constantly feel like there is a pressure to do more and get more accomplished. We find it difficult to sit still. We are constantly going from the moment we wake up till we fall asleep because it is hard to rest. If you are a student you could always study more, if you are a parent you could always be a better parent, if you are an employee we can always improve, our marriages could always improve and as a result we have created a culture of busy people. I thought of a few types of busy people to give us some examples:

The Hurried Person: First we have the hurried person. This person is always in a hurry. They talk real fast, they drive fast, and sometimes you will ask them why they are in such a hurry and they will say, “I am not in a hurry, I just have a lot to do.” You know you are talking to a hurried person because while you are talking to them they are always looking around or at their watch at the next thing they have to do.

The Multi-Tasker: Then there is the multi-tasker. This person will make a phone call, while checking email, while getting dressed, while driving; and the worse part of a multi-tasker is that they take pride in being a multi-tasker.

The Cluttered Person: Next is the cluttered person. When this person opens their car like half their life falls out. There are drinks, fast food, notes from work, socks, books, and their life is just cluttered. Its not only their car, their garage, their closet, their desk and for some of us this might be getting too close to home.

The Shallow Person: The last one is the shallow person. This person has a bunch of people around them that know them, but nobody really knows them because all their relationships lack any relational depth. They don’t really feel like people know them and it’s because they don’t really know who they are.

All of us probably know people that fit into those categories and probably have a little bit of all four of those characteristics, but because we live in such a busy world we can look to Scripture to see that we were created to experience rest.

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