Jesus As Our Mediator

At the cross Jesus says the words, “It is finished!” There are a number of implications of those words, however, one of them is that Jesus is our mediator.

A mediator is a judicial word for when there is disagreement. When we are unable to resolve conflict we will bring in a mediator to fairly represent both sides. Because of our spiritual debt there is conflict between us and God and we are in need of a mediator.

Think about it practically if you don’t like what God is doing. What do you do? Look up toward the sky and shake your fist and say, “I’m gonna get you!” What do you do when you don’t like what God is doing? How do we resolve conflict with God? There isn’t a customer service department. Who do you complain to? Most of our culture has just decided to give Him the silent treatment and refused to do interact with Him any more. We need a mediator.

We see this description of mediator in Hebrews 9:15 in the New Testament and in Job 9:32-33 in the Old Testament where Job longs for a mediator who can understand both worlds. Understanding both worlds is what makes Jesus our mediator.

We need a mediator who understands our offense toward God. One who understands the weight of our spiritual debt. One who understands how far we have been separated from God. But we also need a mediator who understands humanity and has lived and walked among us. We need a God who comes down, takes on human flesh and humbly become a person.

Who could possibly understand both worlds? (Hint: Jesus)

His name is Jesus Christ. His earthly name, Jesus captures His humanity and Christ describes His divinity. It is why throughout Scripture He refers to Himself as God, tells us that He came from heaven (John 6), dies for telling people He was God, tells us that He forgives sin, and again and again refers to Himself as, “Son of God” again capturing His humanity as Son and divinity as God. By being both God and a person it allows Him to fairly represent both sides and be our mediator.

Who else could be our mediator? Who else could understand both worlds? Who else has claimed to be both God and person? Jesus is our mediator who steps in to resolve the conflict of our spiritual debt by dying on the cross and in His dying last words cries out, “It is finished!” He is our mediator.

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