What does it mean to know the mysteries of His will?

This basically means we all become Jedi knights and we can predict the future.

This means that most of humanity has an innate understanding of a god. We have an intuitive understanding that there is a creator / higher power that is bigger than all of this. Only a small few reject or deny the existence of a god.

Scripture teaches us from from our internal conscience and externally from creation there is evidence of a god. We know something created this, however, we don’t know who or what this god is. We don’t know our purpose, we don’t know why we do evil things, we don’t know why we die, we don’t understand human history and we are left with speculation. This speculation leads us to religion, philosophy, and sociology and we ponder and project about all those unknowns.

Scripture teaches us that this unknown God has revealed Himself and His mysteries have been made known. We don’t have to guess who God is because He tells us. In case that isn’t enough He shows up and told He would come, told us He would die, told us He would overcome death, and He did all those things. Now through Jesus Christ we know who God is, we know our purpose, we know where evil comes from, we know why we die, and the mysteries of God are made known. We no longer live in darkness and folly, but God has revealed Himself and His purposes to us. It may not be Jedi knights, but it’s still pretty cool.

2 thoughts on “What does it mean to know the mysteries of His will?

  1. Henryk

    I am senieg more dialogue around the concepts of collaboration and social change, for which nonviolent communication is keenly helpful. For one thing, NVC helps people be more constructive, and take responsibility for their own needs, rather than attributing blame and responsibility to others. Needs consciousness affects personal decision-making. The process of weighing needs is a unavoidable part of law, politics and business. I am personally convinced that spreading these ideas more widely will make life better for everyone in the world.


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