Roller Skating

Last Saturday I took the kids out for the night while the wifey got some rest and a little time to herself. Time alone is good. Holly always feels like she is missing out and doesn’t want to do it at the beginning, but afterwards when I get home with the kids she is always really thankful.

This night I took Kennedy roller skating. It was a little expensive at $7 a head on a Saturday night, but I am kind of a high roller in the family so we got to go roller skating. The rink was awesome. It was a little dirty and retro all rolled into one.

Kennedy was a little scared at first. She is 5 years old and this was her first time to roller skate, but after a few “Bambi” moments and fall downs she was good to go. I knew she got the hang of it when she looked up at me and said, “Daddy, I am roller skating!” Which meant she was basically walking with roller skates on, but either way it was a lot of fun.

I highly recommend roller skating. With or without kids. On Tuesday nights it is adults only, which could be fun without the kids. It was kind of creepy to look across the room and see little teenagers with their hands all over each other and making out. Makes me sad thinking about Kennedy getting older. My plan is that she will stay 5 forever!

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