But God

When you read Ephesians 2:4 it says simply, “But God…”. In the midst of all our chaos with finances, relationships, health, guilt, shame, confusion, pollution, divorce, pain, defiance, and on and on Scripture teaches us that God doesn’t leave us alone in that pain and chaos and Scripture says, “But God…” Probably the two greatest words in Scripture.

Sometimes people say that people wrote the Bible, however, the Bible describes humanity as dead in our sin, children of wrath, sons of disobedience, and eternally separated from God and if people wrote the Bible they would have made people the hero of the story, not God. The Bible isn’t about people, but about God responding to people in the midst of our pain and when we see the phrase “but God” it is the point in the story where everything gets better.

It is the point in the movie where the hero of the story enters the room, where Gandolf the white appears, when Edward comes for Bella, when Vince Young walks in on 4th down for the championship, when mom returns from the cruise after 5 days, and at the moment when it seems the darkest, without hope Scripture teaches us, “But God.”

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