After 9 months

After 9 months we have been able to see Jesus do some great things in and through North Village Church and we are so grateful, but we also feel like we are just scratching the surface. Below is a recap of what we have seen and experienced, as well as what we are asking our church to anticipate over the next 6 months:

Last 9 months:
* 80 people attending at least once a month
* Preached through 2 books of the Bible so far… James and Ephesians
* Preached topics such as marriage, relationships, and the spiritual journey of fasting
* Baptized 3 adults who placed their faith in Jesus for the first time!
* Hosted a Garden Fair for the community
* Hosted a Teachers’ Breakfast for Lucy Read Pre-K
* Hosted a Clothing Drive for the city of Austin
* Hosted a Food Drive for the Allandale community
* Hosted a Dog Fair for the community
* Hosted Soccer Camps in the community

Over the next 6 months we are looking for everyone to consider how they can grow in the following areas:

Connecting with Jesus: Is there someone you could start meeting for lunch, breakfast, play date for encouragement and challenge one another to a greater devotion to Jesus Christ?

Connecting with Community: What are other schools or neighborhoods that you could personally help us meet spiritual and physical needs in some capacity?

Connecting with Others: Who are you praying for and caring for spiritually? Are you utilizing the 3.2.1 cards?

Sunday Responsibilities: Sundays are like a family dinner and we need everyone to chip in. Our primary needs right now are children (elementary) and set up on Sunday mornings.

Financially: We are meeting 70% of our financial need which is great after 9 months, but we need to meet 100%. Are you participating in the spiritual act of giving? Is this an area you can grow in?

Prayer: We know this can only continue to happen if the power of God falls upon us, moves, and we are obedient to follow. We need to gather as a church quarterly to pray for God’s hand to fall on north central Austin.

1 thought on “After 9 months

  1. Ricky

    First time reader and really great to see what God has done in your ministry in just 9 months. I pray God keeps on moving and blessing your ministry. I have recently written a blog that I think is great for leaders to read on the importance of prayer before action. Check it out and would love to hear what you think. “Pray then Act, NOT VICE-VERSA.”:


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