North Village Church 2011

We are in our second year as a church and slowly articulating the vision and purpose of our church with a bit more clarity.  When we started the church it was a goal to not to push a vision and purpose onto a church, but instead allow it to come out of the church.  Over the last year this is what we have been able to articulate:

Vision: To see every man, woman, and child experience the life transforming power of Jesus Christ in Greater Austin.

This is a huge vision and we want to see it happen in our life time.  To help this vision become a reality we have partnered with 19 other churches in greater Austin as well as planting new churches.  For 2011 we are planning on starting 3 churches.

Mission: To see every block in every neighborhood in North Central Austin have someone praying and caring for the spiritual needs of that block.

Again, a huge challenge, however, instead of asking the Christ-follower to pray for all of Asia or even greater Austin our hope is that they would pray for the 20 houses on their block.  In addition, we hope to partner with other churches in our immediate context who are like minded.

Purpose: To become a family family of Christ-followers who are committed to connecting the people of North Central Austin with the life transforming power of Jesus Christ.

We are family working together toward our vision and this means full participation from everyone.  It isn’t 100 people watching professionals do the ministry and applauding their effort, but all of us stepping out in faith to experience God doing the miraculous in us.  We have defined a Christ-follower as:

  • Connecting with Jesus
  • Connecting with North Village Church
  • Connecting with the community
  • Connecting others with Jesus

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