How much money is enough?

When you work in business there is this constant pull to make more money.  Why not?  Money is a lot of fun.  Our culture will constantly pull us to make more money.  We will buy nicer cars, bigger houses, more gadgets, better vacations, better schools and we constantly feel like we need more money.

I remember someone telling me once the question isn’t, “How much money is enough, but how many hours a week is enough.”  We can always work more hours and make more money, but instead we need to define the amount of hours.  For most of us it is 40-50 hours a week.  Work really hard during those hours and then be content with the amount of money those hours bring in for income.  For some, it will be $30K and for others it will be $100K, but either way that will answer how much money is enough.

God knows our needs, He gave us our abilities and instead of working 10 more hours for $10K we would do better to work really hard during those hours and trust God to provide us with the money we need.

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