Group Project with God

Somehow we have created this illusion in our culture that our life is a collective effort between us and God.  It is a group project and we are working together.  God does all the research and we do the presentation.  Pretty good partner to have, right?  We work really hard for a while and when we get tired God works at it for a while.  When we need some help on a test God comes through for us.  When we need help getting a job we ask for God to help.  When we get sick we think this is a job for, “God.”  This mentality works great when we pass the test.  We give God a high-five, thank him for doing what we asked, and then we go back to our lives.

This mentality is horrible when we fail the test.  When we don’t get the job.  When we don’t get healthy, and we start thinking, “God isn’t doing what I told Him to do.”  God isn’t very helpful.  God isn’t very powerful.  If God was so great then why isn’t He making everything better!  Why isn’t God doing what I want Him to do!  Sometimes we find ourselves getting to a point where we start thinking, “God doesn’t care, God isn’t real, and God doesn’t matter, because if He did care or was real He would do something.”

The problem is that when we have that perception we have placed ourselves in the position of God and we have placed God in the position of our servant, and when we find ourselves with that perspective we have a really distorted view of ourselves and a really distorted view of God.

As we take the next 35-days to press into Jesus it isn’t that we are trying to be more religious or trying to be better people, but that we are praying that the Holy Spirit would open our eyes so that we can see Him in such a way that that we are in awe of who God is and what He is doing.