Let go and let God

It seems really common to hear people say we need to trust God.  Just trust God.  When painful things come up or things happen and we don’t understand why, we always conclude, “Trust God.”  The statement is true, but when we look at Scripture we don’t see God telling us we need to trust Him, but more so teaching us that He is trustworthy.

If He was just a God up in heaven telling us we need to trust Him or that we need to let go and let God He would be a wicked God who is toying with our emotions, however, Scripture teaches us He has revealed Himself through creation, throughout history, through Scripture, through our relationships and ultimately through the cross.  He doesn’t just call us to trust Him, but shows us He is trustworthy.

Therefore, when we have times when we are struggling to trust God then instead of trying to “trust God” more we would do better to turn to His glory and see that He is trustworthy.