Money and Church

We are close to celebrating our second year as a church and as we looked back on these last two years we were encouraged to see we have been able to set up some guard rails when it comes to giving.  Below is a list of a few of the things we have in place to be as effective as possible as a church.

  • As a pastor I don’t touch money.  Sometimes people will try to give me money on Sunday mornings and I decline.  I don’t know who gives, and I don’t know how much people give.
  • We have a team of people who collect and count money on Sundays.  They count in teams so there is always accountability.
  • We have a budget that we create each year that we pray through as God leads us as a church, and we present that budget to North Village Church.
  • We also have an outside church who looks at our budget to give us insight and wisdom on our budget.
  • When the pastors spend church money we have someone in our church who looks at what we spend money and we have to turn in reports each month.
  • We have someone in our church who takes care of the accounting in our church.
  • We have someone outside of our church that we pay who looks over our finances each month to make sure it is done accurately.