The Story

The whole of Scripture is really just a story about who God is, what He is doing, and how we can be a part of that story.  We are going through a series called The Story.  In the series we will cover:

The Creation:  The story starts in the beginning with a creator who is perfect, loving, beautiful, and longs to be in relationship with humanity.

The Fall:  This is the part of the story that explain why we have painful events in our world and in our hearts.

The Rescue:  Is the part of the story when God enters into human history to rescue us from our sin.

The Restoration:  Is how God will make all things new.  No more pain, no more frustration, or natural disasters.  God’s original purpose for humanity will be fulfilled and we will have eternal relationship with God.

Where is your part in the story?  How does God’s story interact with your story?