NVC: Year 2 Review

Below is a snapshot of all Jesus did through and in North Village Church.  Take a moment to celebrate!

Connecting with Jesus:  Jesus is paramount for all of humanity.  Our focus as a church is to lead all people to a more meaningful relationship with Jesus so that they experience life transformation.

  • 18 people experience life transformation.
  • 140 people coming at least once a month (97 Adults / 45 Children).  Last Year, 90 people coming at least once a month.
  • Studied through 1 Peter and 1 John.
  • Explored practical topics of our faith on spiritual conversations, holiness, and finances.
  • 72% of our church participates in midweek gatherings.
  • 21% of our church in spiritual coaching relationships.

Connecting with North Village Church Family:  Our faith isn’t lived out in isolation, but in the community of other Christ-followers where we are getting to know others and being known.

  • 78% of our church participates in serving opportunities.
  • 100% of our budget is from within North Village Church.
  • Provided two church prayer meetings.
  • Providing monthly lunches.
  • Partnering with 3 other local churches to pray for North Central Austin.

Connecting with the Community:  Our desire is to bless and serve North Central Austin as the primary focus and it would function as a place where we develop, train, and empower others to bless and serve others parts of the city.

  • Providing School Supplies for Lucy Read (September)
  • Soccer Shoot Out Summitt Elementary (October)
  • Allandale Food Drive (November)
  • Adopted 10 Families from Lucy Read (December)
  • Cheered for Austin Marathon (February)
  • Hosted a Dog Fair (March)
  • Provided an Easter Egg Hunt for Lucy Read (April)
  • Hosted Soccer Camps throughout the year (May)
  • Social Outings for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day (June)
  • Hosted 3 Kid’s Clubs (July)

Connecting Others with Jesus:  The Holy Spirit empowers us to participate in what God is doing in this world and our desire is that each Christ-follower would take spiritual ownership of the people in their sphere of influence that would lead to the gospel.

  • 53% of our church has filled out 3.2.1 Cards.
  • We are hearing more stories of people praying for co-workers / family / neighbors.
  • We have more groups going into their neighborhoods to live out a picture of Jesus.

Isn’t that great.  Jesus has been so gracious to allow our church to experience so many great things, but it would be easy to look at all this information and forget our primary focus is to continue to fall in love with Jesus.  We want to become a church family, we want to be involved in the community, we want to experience a vibrant spiritual life, but most of all we want to fall in love with Jesus.  That is why we started this church.  Therefore, we can look back and celebrate the God who has rescued us from sin and taken our penalty at the cross.