Walking with Jesus Part 1

In Colossians 2 it teaches us about what it means to walk in a daily relationship with Jesus.  It gives us three phrases to capture what it means practically:

Firmly Rooted:  Rooted in my relationship with Jesus where I am not persuaded by the acceptance of others or my moral performance.  Instead I am continually turning my heart and mind to rest in Jesus’ finished work on the cross.

Being Built Up:  I am not only turning my heart to rest in those truths, but I am finding myself growing stronger through those steps of faith.

Established:  As I am growing stronger in my faith I look back and see it isn’t a result of my effort, but God’s grace working in me.

I think when I read those phrases it reminds me of Psalm 1:3 when it describes a tree being firmly planted by streams of water and I just have this image of being firmly rooted in Jesus as the Holy Spirit washes over me in power and in strength.  However, when I look at my life practically I don’t see those characteristics.  Instead I have this image of walking in church on a Sunday morning and immediately having a rush of insecurity.

– I start to worry about what I am going to talk to people about when I see them.  Sometimes those are really awkward moments when you see people at church.  You only have 3-5 minutes to talk to someone about something and it seems like my mind always goes blank.

– Then I start wondering about my breath.  Did I forget to brush my teeth?  We are standing kind of close.  Did they forget to brush their teeth?

– Then I start wondering how we are going to end the conversation.  How do you avoid those awkward pauses?  What about those moments where you are trying to end the conversation, but they keep bringing up a new conversation?

– Then I wonder where I will sit, who will I sit next to, will I stand during the singing, will I sing, and will I raise my hands?

These are all these thoughts that rush through my head just when I am walking through the doors on a Sunday morning.  It doesn’t feel like I am “Firmly Rooted, Being Built Up, and Established.”  It feels like I am all over the place.

I think when I am I being honest with myself I can find myself getting discouraged because I don’t feel rooted in Jesus and overtime that discouragement can drift into anger and it isn’t long before I start wondering, “Why?”  Why is that I don’t feel rooted, built up, and established?