Austin Marathon Tailgate

On Sunday, February 17th we are inviting our church out to Burnet and Northcross to cheer on the runners in the Austin Marathon.  At first glance it might just simply look like a typical hangout, but there are themes we are trying to accomplish as a church:

1.  Connecting with the community:  It would be easy to be upset with the city.  Due to the race our Sunday location is completely blocked off, however, we see this as an opportunity to support our city.  Over the last 3 years we have met at this corner to cheer on runners and embrace our city.

2.  Connecting with North Village Church:  Sunday mornings are such a horrible time to actually meet people and get to know one another.  Everyone usually puts the best foot forward to put on a smile and you have about 3 minutes of formal conversation as you are walking in or out on Sunday morning.  This time on Sunday gives us a concentrated effort to get to know people a little better.

3.  Connecting others with Jesus:  Throughout the week we encourage one another to be involved in the lives of other people.  It isn’t something we need to try to do.  It is something we are already doing as human beings.  We go to work.  We hang out.  We pick up our kids at school.  We are around people all the time and Scripture teaches us we are in those places by God’s design.  This Sunday is an opportunity to invite those people into our lives at a different level and cheer on runners!  It will be a lot of fun.

4.  Connecting with Jesus:  This just seems like something Jesus would do.  He was involved with people.  He was involved in His community.  He was building relationships.  In John 4 the disciples return from town to offer Jesus food and He responds, “I have food you know not of.”  He has just spent time taking with the woman at the well about everlasting life and found it to be completely fulfilling.  What a great opportunity for us to do the same by joining Jesus on His mission at a tailgate!