Body and Soul: Redeeming Sexuality

Over the last six weeks our church has been able to teach on sexuality.  It has been great!  A little awkward at times, but overall really helpful. To help us stay focused throughout this series we continued to come back to this one simple statement:  God created our bodies to be sexual beings who experience pleasure without shame.

Week 1:  Can we talk about sex in church?  God didn’t just create our bodies for only making babies.  He also created our bodies to experience pleasure!

Week 2:  What about “those” words?  Too often we see sexuality as a measuring stick that God is looking for us to avoid.  How is sexuality not simply about pursuing purity?

Week 3:  What do we walk through this in life?  Due to our sin we have made sexuality really complicated.  How do we not just lock ourselves in a closet and try to avoid sexuality?

Week 4:  How do we walk through sexual brokenness?  It is all around us.  It is in Scripture.  It is on television.  It is in our past, and it is in our present.  How do we find hope, healing, and forgiveness in Jesus?

Week 5:  What does it look like in marriage?  Just because we get married it doesn’t give us the freedom to use our spouse to meet our sexual needs.  How does our relationship with Jesus free us up to serve our spouse sexually and seek their pleasure!

Week 6:  Questions and Answers.  During this series our church submitted questions.  We invited our elders, their wives, and two counselors from the community to respond to some of our most common questions.