Freedom In Jesus

On Sunday morning we watch our musicians stand up here, play songs, and they make it look so easy.  Sometimes I watch them play and I get so jealous.  I wish I could just walk up here and play an instrument like they play an instrument, but it’s not like they started playing that instrument this morning at 10am. It is has been worked into their life over and over.

They started practicing this morning at 9am to make last minute tweaks. Then, they had practice on Tuesday evening to practice playing the song together. There is also the prep work Luke sends out weeks in advance over charts, chords, and lyrics.

But, that isn’t the full picture because it probably started when they were little kids showing up for lessons, investing time, and parents investing money.  In the beginning it was just basic notes for 30 minutes a day, and as they got older it turned into an hour a day where their fingers would bleed and they would want to quit, but something in them said, “No, keep playing, keep practicing, keep going” and they worked that instrument into their life so that this morning, many hours, days, and years later they can walk up, grab an instrument, enjoy the freedom, and experience the fullness that instrument has to offer.

The life Jesus has to offered isn’t wired so that you pick it up one time and you are experiencing the most He has to offer. It is wired so that as we work His teachings into our life over time we will just experience more and more and more of His goodness, joy, power, strength, confidence in our lives to bring greater glory to Jesus.