Lies that hinder us from experiencing all Jesus has to offer…

EmptyLies_RotatorRight now our church family is teaching through a series to help us experience the greatest life Jesus has to offer.  Here are few empty lies robbing us of rest, joy, hope, and peace that is freely given in Jesus:

Spiritual Pride:  Genesis teaches us we are created with purpose, meaning, and value that comes directly from God, but when we put ourselves in that position it is going to rob us of all that Jesus has to offer.  We will find ourselves saying things like, “How come those good things aren’t happening in my life?  How come bad things keep happening in my life?  Or, who cares what happens in the lives of other people?”

The reason we will land in this place is because we have placed ourselves at the center, and all the weight of life is resting on our shoulders.

Sexual / Romantic Relationships:  Our culture has made relationships the most important thing in life.  How many times do you hear people say, “All these things are great, but if I don’t have anyone to share it with then it doesn’t matter.”  Relationships have become our center.  Therefore, it doesn’t matter what Jesus does in our life we are always putting the greater weight on the depth of our romantic relationships, and ultimately creating an expectation that no human being could fulfill.

Money / Material Possessions:  It is so easy for money and material possessions to creep into the center.  It always feels like we need more money.  It doesn’t make money / material possessions wicked, but it does mean that sometimes they can feel like they are the means we are finding security, comfort, acceptance, and rest.  When that happens it will always create instability in our life because money and material possessions are unstable.

Therefore, our greatest hope is the One who rightly deserves to be at the center position.  The One who understands the weight of relationships, and can bare that weight upon Himself.  The One who is rich beyond our imagination and brings a wealth that will never pass away.  His name is Jesus.