The Gospel Is A Mystery

Ephesians 3:2-3, “2 if indeed you have heard of the stewardship of God’s grace which was given to me for you; 3 that by revelation there was made known to me the mystery, as I wrote before in brief.”

In verses 2-3 the Apostle Paul is going to refer to our relationship with God as a “Mystery.” Now when we hear the word “Mystery” it sounds like we are watching one of those mystery shows on Dateline.

The whole time you are trying to figure out the motive, murderer, the mystery, but in verse 3 when you see the word “Mystery” in the original language it isn’t about discovering the answer on your own, but that the mystery is so mysterious that God must reveal Himself and make Himself known.

Think about the life of Jesus: Immortal and eternal God comes and takes on weak, decomposing flesh, shows up as an infant in a manger surrounded by animal feces, and claims to be the only One who is worthy of that center position in our life. Who would discover that on their own? It is a mystery that must be revealed.

Therefore, we must ask ourselves, “Has this mystery been made known in my life?” Have you admitted you’re a sinner, and at the same time completely loved by Jesus? Do you see that you are guilty and pardoned by grace through faith in Jesus?

If not, then it is possible your relationship with God is not a mystery, but an equation where you act like a good person, try to help others, and God will love you. The problem is if you live under that belief system for any length of time it will crush you. You will go through life exhausted always trying to be a good person.

But, if God reveals to you the mystery of the gospel that you are a sinner and completely loved, guilty and pardoned, imperfect and forgiven, then you will find yourself in awe of God, delighted to place Him at the center of your life

Application:  There are some of us going through difficult challenges in life with our friendships. It is easy to place to experience challenges in life.  We move to a new city, new season, or strained relationships, and when we encounter hardship in friendships.

When our relationship is an EQUATION where we are trying to be good people who help others so that God will love us, and we are going through hardship in the area of friendship we can’t help but wonder, “God where are you?”  Don’t you care?  I have been doing my party, where are you?

But, when God reveals His mystery of the gospel in our lives we can’t help but conclude, “Of course He cares.” He’s entered into human history, He’s humbled Himself to take on flesh, He’s lived a perfect life, He’s taken our sin, He’s conquered death, He’s given us His Spirit, and all the while we are completely undeserving. Of course He cares!

I might be struggling in friendships, but He’s completely aware of what is going on in my life. He’s adopted us as sons and daughters. He’s invited us to sit at His table. He called us His children. Of course He cares.

Might all of us find ourselves in a place of wonder at this great mystery that has been revealed by grace through faith? Might we never say, “This is a great message for new believers? This is a great message for all of us to hear. Might we never grow tired of hearing it, thinking about it, reading it, and wondering about its beauty?