Trials: James 1:1-8

How do we respond to trials with wisdom?  James 1:1-8 is a great resource that teaches how to walk through life with wisdom:

  1. Jesus is Lord:  In verse 1 James refers to Jesus as Lord.  This is significant because James grew up with Jesus as His younger brother.  Could you imagine calling your older brother Lord?  James did, and it is critical to see Jesus not only as your Savior, but as your Lord when you go through trials.
  2. When / Not If:  In verse 2 we see trials are going to come.  I know our culture teaches us to expect life to be easy, but God makes it really clear trials are going to come.  They might be situational trials like a car accident, status trials like not getting married, or sin trials like ignoring God, but trials are going to come.
  3. Consider:  In verse 2 we are taught to Consider our trials.  Specifically, as we go through trials we would consider how we see ourselves, others, and God.  Does it line up with Scripture?  Is there deception from the enemy?  Are we in relationship with others for godly counsel?
  4. Persevere:  In verses 3-4 God is teaching us to stand firm in our trials.  The purpose of our trials are an extension of God’s grace to help us mature and stand firm in Him.  Really.  It is His grace that allows trials.  It is why He must be our Lord.  It is why we must consider our trials, and it is why we can consider it all joy.
  5. Ask for Help:  In verses 5-8 God teaches us to ask for wisdom.  We can’t walk through wisdom with Him.  He is the embodiment of wisdom.  He is good.  He wants us to mature in Him, consider; rightly see Him, ourselves, and others, and for that to happen we need His wisdom.

God knows you are running to illusions that will let you down. He knows you are hoping in idols that are frail. He knows you are placing your foot on shifting sand, so that these trials are an extension of His grace so that we might find our footing in Him.