Theological Training 2016

Our Yearly Retreat is off like a rocket.  We planned for 60 adults and have 77 adults signed up so we are having to close off registration.

Our next Spiritual Challenge of 2016 is our Theological Training.  We like to think of this process like working out physically, and instead working out spiritually.  Haven’t you noticed all these groups of people working out together in a running class, spinning class, yoga class, and they are everywhere.  Why not work out spiritually!

Why do we try to grow spiritually as individuals.  We learn in groups, we hang out in groups, but we try to keep our spiritual life private and end up struggling.

That is why we launched Theological Training.  You read a Christ centered book with a group of people, write a 1-page paper, and meet once a month with a group of people to discuss.  Here’s a quick recap: