Biblical Marriage

We are going through a 4-week series on marriage at North Village Church. In the series we are covering 4 parts:

Genesis 2: Marriage

  • God created marriage as a gift.
  • There are roles in marriage.
  • One flesh.

Genesis 3:    The Fall of Humanity

  • We have an enemy who is still deceiving.
  • We have a God who is still inviting.
  • We are a people who are still making excuses.

Ephesians 5:  The Biblical Role of a Husband

  • Take responsibility for your relationship with God by surrendering to Him everyday.
  • Take responsibility for your marriage by leading your wife to God.
  • Take responsibility as a husband and speak God’s Word over your wife.

1 Peter 3:  The Biblical Role of a Wife

  • The prize isn’t marriage.  The prize is Jesus.
  • Respect the role of a husband as you respect God.
  • A gentle and quiet spirit isn’t a personality, but the result of trusting God.