Titus 2:1-15, “Genuine Faith, Genuine Lives.”

About a year ago I had someone knock on my door about the house across the street being for rent, and he said, “Do you know the owner living in Florida?”  I said, “The owner just passed away and left the house to her nephew who lives in Phoenix?”  He said, “Really, because I am emailing someone who is telling me to send a deposit check of $1,500 in Florida.”

  • Have you had one of those moments where you ever felt misled? 
  • Have you had one of those moments where you go to buy something, and then you didn’t read the fine print? 
  • Teenagers, have you had one of those moments where you were watching a Tik-Tok video, only to find out they are trying to trick you into buying something?

In the book of Titus we see a people who are professing faith in Jesus, but living a life that is misleading, deceptive, destructive, and God’s Word teaches us that genuine faith in Jesus produces genuine lives in Jesus, and in Titus 2 we are going to see God’s Word focus on three sub-points; 1.  The Charge.  2.  The Context.  3.  The Comfort.  Lets look at our first sub-point; 1.  The Charge. 

The Charge.

Titus 2:1, “1 But as for you, speak the things which are fitting for sound doctrine.”

Now, verse 1 is specifically for Titus, but this charge is also for all those who are in Christ, and the word “sound” basically means “healthy” and the word “doctrine” means instructions, so verse 1 is talking about “speaking words that build up others and making relationships, society and culture better.”

It’s possible that you are only thinking about preaching or formal speaking, but the word “speak” is just the word “talk” so that we are talking about our normal, conversational, words with the people around us so that our relationships are cultivated and made beautiful. 

Can you think of a more important verse for our culture today?  We have people rioting in the streets, we have presidential candidates yelling at each other, we family members cutting off relationships because of social views, and God’s Word charges us, “But as for you, build up your up the people around you.”