Arguments: How does Jesus argue about life after death?

In our culture today we tend to have one belief that we are all going to go to heaven one day, and everything is great, so don’t worry, and on the other extreme is that we all rot and die and death is where it all ends. 

But in Matthew 22 we are going to see how Jesus responds to the question, “What happens when we die?”

Matthew 22:23-28, “23 On that day some Sadducees (who say there is no resurrection) came to Jesus and questioned Him, 24 asking, “Teacher, Moses said, ‘If a man dies having no children, his brother as next of kin shall marry his wife, and raise up children for his brother.’ 25 Now there were seven brothers with us; and the first married and died, and having no children left his wife to his brother; 26 so also the second, and the third, down to the seventh. 27 Last of all, the woman died. 28 In the resurrection, therefore, whose wife of the seven will she be? For they all had married her.”

The word “resurrection” means rising up, and it is a teaching that is every man, woman, and child is going to be “resurrected” (raised up from the dead), so that those who are in Christ will spend eternity with Christ, and those who are not in Christ will spend eternity in judgment, called hell.  

The kicker of the story is that the Sadducees don’t believe in the resurrection at all.  My professors would say, “That is why they are sad you see.”