Rise Up and Renew

As we prepare to move into the new location we thought the easiest thing would be to get so excited about the build out at our new location, and completely overlook the “build out” the Lord wants to do in us as His people.

We see this in Nehemiah, in the Old Testament, when Nehemiah hears about the devastation in Jerusalem, and instead of running out the door to help Jerusalem, we see Nehemiah turn to the Lord in prayer, fasting, and confession.

In the same way, we thought instead of getting swept up in the new location that maybe we should first pause to see what the Lord wants to do in us personally. 

Starting March 22nd – June 3rd (77 days) we are inviting our church family to come together for spiritual renewal

We understand there is a lot going on right now, so we’re not looking to really add to your schedule as much as we are inviting you to see this as an opportunity to lean into the Lord. 

Maybe there are some unhealthy patterns that have built up over the year, and this is a time for the Lord to do some demo?  Maybe there are some things that have been neglected over the last year, and this is a time for the Lord to build up some areas of our life?

It’s possible that there might be a voice in our head right now that is saying, “Who’s got time / capacity for something like this?”  We’re scattered.  We’re exhausted. 

I get it, and it would be really easy to kind of just sink into this black hole, and think to ourselves, “I will re-engage the Lord when things settle down.” 

The only problem is that I don’t know when things are going to “settle down.”  The reality is that this might be our “new norm” where things are always changing, and the gift of God’s grace in our lives is too valuable to overlook, therefore, we don’t want to wait, we don’t want to sink, we don’t want to drift, but instead we want to invite the Lord into this place with us, and ask for His help to walk in His grace right now.   

It’s likely that our circumstances and headlines aren’t going to be that different in the days ahead, but wouldn’t it be awesome if we were different?  Wouldn’t it be awesome if this new location is a symbolic way of us moving into a “new place with the Lord?”

What if the Lord could lead us to a place of leaving some things behind, and never picking them back up?  What if the Lord uses this season to shift our walk with Him to a new place? 

So, the invitation is to come with us, and be apart of this renewal with us.  We are going to be sending out a brief packet with more details, but we want you to read the agreement, and sign the agreement, and send it back to us by March 21st, so that we can move forward together.