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Why Are There So Many Conferences?

Recently I have been stewing on the amount of conferences that are taking place throughout the country / world. It has become especially ironic when the conferences are speaking / teaching on missional living because there are usually thousands of people, charged $300, listening to the same speakers, talk on the same subjects, and not really applying anything in their context.

Okay, that is a little cynical, but really?

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Exponential 2009

I am in a network of churches in Austin and our vision is to saturate the city of Austin with new churches. Our goal is to have 5 churches have a shot at starting in the city every year for the next 5 years before we re-evaluate.

Our plan was to go to Exponential (a conference for those interested in starting a new church) and make connections with those who might be interested in coming to Austin and partnering with us in our vision to saturate Austin.

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