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Things To Do In Austin

I saw this article that was directed toward things to do with kids but I think it applies to anyone…and you have 99 to choose from…

1. Hike to the top of Enchanted Rock
2. Pick strawberries at Sweet Berry Farm
3. Go to a UT game
4. Cool off at Hamilton Pool

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Branding God

Snapshot 2009-07-30 12-39-23I saw this picture on a site and I have always thought this kind of stuff was a little silly, but somehow people keep making it because people keep buying it. Churches tend to follow this model when they create t-shirts for everything they do as they turn their people into walking billboards. Here are few of the comments below of how the general audience perceives these products:

Whatever happened to “Thou shalt not steal”?
I’m betting this isn’t licensed.

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Game Show: Converting Atheists

A new Turkish game show asks clerics to persuade atheists and win prizes. Although this could be a total farce and never hit the airwaves I think it would be an interesting show because it seems like there is so much confusion about the beliefs to begin with.

The show will showcase a Greek Orthodox, rabbi, an imam and a Buddhist monk against one another with over a panel of professed atheists. The game show is to broadcast on Turkey’s Kanal T television in September.