10 Reasons “Why Not To Start A Church”

10. Unless you like being tired, don’t start a church. I don’t mean tired like I need to get a nap, but tired like my brain is spinning with about 100 ideas of what we could do and how we could do what we are doing better. See what I am say’n.

9. People are messy. Including me. Honestly if everyone would just do what I want, when I want, and the way I want it then we could knock this thing out in no time, however, that is not reality. Reality is that people are complicated and no matter how charismatic or passionate, you can’t make anyone do anything for any length of time. Nevertheless, if you try to do this on your own it is impossible or will lead to a really boring church.

8. Your kids are high maintenance. In today’s culture there are a lot of parents which allow their children to dictate their routine or schedule. Your kids have to be willing, and as a parent you have to be willing to bring them along for the ride. Might miss a nap, might eat on the go, might miss bed time, but they will have a blast along the way.

7. Your wife is high maintenance. This is an obvious one but unless your wife is just as in to this as you are then quit while you’re ahead. I don’t mean “in to this” like she really wants you to have what you want or likes to read about new churches and tweet to all of her friends about what God is doing. I mean stay up late, get up early, get the kids ready, clean the house, have people over, have them trash the house, clean it up again, make lunch, have people over, house trashed, clean house again, send emails, make dinner, have people over, trash house, clean house, bathe kids, and still loves Jesus and loves being your wife. Gotta be all in!

6. You aren’t really a people person. You have to be able to talk to people all day long about nothing and about deep things and transition on a dime. All at the same time being authentic and real about who you are as a person. If you only like to talk about one subject or certain kinds of people…do something else.

5. You just want to teach the Bible. We are in the midst of gathering our core team now and I am surprised that none of them care how effective I am as a teacher. Sure there are assumptions, but at the end of the day our culture can find anyone online to listen to them teach the Bible. This doesn’t mean I am not a fan of the Bible. I am. A big fan of it, but people don’t want to give their life, time, and resources so they can listen to you teach the Bible.

4. You try to avoid prayer. Honestly I feel like I am praying at all times. Or possibly going crazy and talking to myself, but prayer must come out of you. This is far too big for anyone to do in and of themselves so we have to pray. Pray for wisdom, discernment, judgment, boldness, and all that takes place in the morning shower.

3. You don’t like to organize things. If you don’t you will drive the people around you crazy. They want to feel as though you are making progress and the least you can do is get organized. Go to Office Max and buy a binder and use it.

2. Jesus is just a part of your spiritual life because He has to be all of it. I mean from beginning to end and at the core of your heart you just want the people around you to think more of Jesus, live more for Jesus, look more like Jesus, love more like Jesus, and even if you feel like you are just repeating Jesus over and over it might be more effective then trying to find the newest strategy blog on why not to start a new church.

1. And the number one reason….do it anyways. It’s awesome. And all the areas where you lack or are insufficient Jesus will supply the rest. People might not be impressed with you, think you are smart, tell everyone what a great pastor you are, but who cares. Right now our culture is filled with people who are indifferent to the local church and Jesus. Unless we do something to meet them where they are, try new things, connect on their level and in their language, then we are going to miss out on experiencing a powerful process of walking in the Spirit this side of heaven.

1 thought on “10 Reasons “Why Not To Start A Church”

  1. Jenny

    Posted on I don’t even have to see you to know tht you are beautiful. You can talk to me. I’m aylwas here<3 don't let life get the best of you. One mistake. One mistake that lead you down the wrong road. And stay positive and you can fix it.


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