Who Is Leading Worship?

This is a question I am starting to get lately. Never before did I wish that I grew up playing the guitar to get girls to talk to me. I could have a one man show that was all about me.

This is one of our challenges right now. There is a part of me that believes it will all come together and it will work out fine, however, there is another part of me that believes I am being naive and need to have more urgency in this area.

Here is the challenge. You can’t just put anyone up there that can play a guitar. Most guys I know who want to lead worship are driven by the desire to be up and in front of people. Sort of create their own American Idol, Jesus style. It is unhealthy. My prayer is that it is someone that is connected to our vision and taking personal ownership of a new church getting started, but this is a big challenge. I have talked to a few guys who would do great at leading worship, but they are disconnected to the vision.

Today I have a meeting with a friend in town who might be able to connect me with more people who are gifted at leading worship, but there is still the challenge that I don’t want to give on. Will they own our vision or just lead us in worship? Right now. I pray for both.

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